Four Senses Hair & Beauty

Elegant & Lightweight Bootstrap Website


Home-based beauty salon in western suburb of Melbourne founded in 2014 aiming to bring high-end salon services at competitive and affordable price to local clientele.

After relocating to a new suburb the client wanted to create a more prominent online presense through a website to stand out in a competitive, loyalty-based industry.

Four Senses Hair & Beauty

Project Goals

  1. Create a visually appealing and informative website that will help to attract more customers
  2. Display the service and pricing clearly to allow for transparency to the clients
  3. Establish a strong digital presence to remain competitive in the beauty market
  4. Use of imagery that represents the high quality of the business


Designed a very lightweight website that allowed the client the visibility she needed to draw more attention from local clients. The website was built in Webflow.

A large hero image was used to make the website stand out and attract the attention of the visitor and establish brand value and experience. Website is elegant, clean, easy to read and delightful with the parallax effect of white leaves sweeping over the hero image to create a sense of calm and relaxing feeling. This was futher reinforced by using "Relax and Unwind... Let us Pamper you" tagline to let the visitor know what experience they can expect.

Soft and pale color scheme which is welcoming and cozy was used and imagery chosen were to attract women who were looking for exclusive, professional and personal experience. Gold was used as the primary colour to add a feeling of luxury and high end service. Use of Mrs Saint Dalefield script added a feminine and elegant touch.

Clients leveraged social media by announcing the launch of the new website and to build traffic to the website. To increase visibility in local Google search, Google My Business was also set up which helped to boost website traffic.

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Four Senses Hair & Beauty
Four Senses


The result is a fast loading and responsive website that is unique and elegant and supports and showcases Four Sense Hair & Beauty apart from the competition and draws in new customers and enquiries.

Client was delighted with the website as it has been instrumental for their business growth.

Since the launch, they have generated a steady increase in customer base and strengthened their position in the loyalty-based industry.

Tripty delivered just what I wanted and needed. Receiving lots more enquiry regular now and I am very happy with my website.

- Pinkey Baron (Proprietor)