Studio Maato

An evolving online journey


For over 12 years, Studio Maato has been a successful venture for Reena Rai in Sikkim who has been hand crafting exclusive range of product line combined with traditional pottery and ceramic painting with modern, functional designs to create aesthetic, unique pieces of art, souvenirs and home essentials.

End of 2019, she opened her doors to her new pottery studio and wanted to hold pottery workshops for children and adults. She uses social media to communicate with her customers and had always wanted to get a website done. She seized this moment to take a leap and wanted to create a more prominent online presense.

Studio Maato

Project Goals

  1. Studio Maato wanted an online web presence that would allow visitors to signup and register for pottery workshop
  2. To build a more prominent online presence for more visibility that would allow the target audience to learn more about the pottery workshop, their product range, services offered and promotions.
  3. To eventually build a responsive ecommerce and event booking website that meets the needs of the local customers and the business.
Studio Maato


Strategic Thinking and Planning

Around 10 days prior to opening their door to there new pottery studio like most small business owners who wants a website for their business, Studio Maato got in touch with me wanting a simple website that had a standard pages like aboutus, gallery, contact us and a page for their products and services. They wanted to initially focus on the pottery workshop and provide the target audience more information about the workshop and allow users to register for the pottery workshop.

Instead of spending time, money and energy focusing on a website that would not add value in the timeframe given. I came up with a strategic plan to use a simple landing page that would allow the customers to sign up for the pottery workshop.

This was launched within 24 hours using Wordpress, Mailchimp and Google Analytics were set up

Landing page launched within 24 hours


There was a positive response from the target audience and all the workshop was booked out and customers registered for future workshop.

I carried out post workshop reflections with Reena and the participants to learn more about the structure and content of the workshop. What worked and didn't work. And also about the facilitation skills and what Reena learnt and found challenging and how will she do things differently in the next round of the workshop.

Each workshop experience was different and a learning process and these findings and insights guided the next step on their online journey.


Design + Development + Launch

Ready to focus on both the clients and target audience immediate need, I started designing a website experience that effectively communicated all the information needed to register for the workshop

The primary goal of the website remained to focus on the pottery workshop events to take care of the clients and user'simmediate needs.

4 months after the studio door had opened the Covid pandemic took over the world and everything came to a firm halt.


The website allowed to streamline the registration process for the workshop and made it easier for the client

When the workshop was not operational due to covid restrication, it was time to reevaluate.

Studio Maato


Coming Together Finally

As more information was gathered using online surveys from customer, I learnt that users visiting Studio Maato website had three main goals.

  1. To learn more about the workshop and register for it
  2. To discover other products and prices
  3. To engage with Studio Maato as a brand

To improve the overall effectiveness of the website and to integrate all the services and products that they provided, the website evolved once again to cater to the goals above. This has resulted in overall user engagement and enquiries.

Studio Maato
studio maato


Worked with Studio Maato to re-imagine their online presence and delivered an entirely new online experience which focuses on what the users really wanted from the website.

Ensuring an easy-to-use and intuitive experience the project evolved and the resulting work increased engagement with Studio Maato's online presence.

What started as a one-off project has become an evolving collaborative journey.

Last Words

I believe the most successful websites are those that continue to evolve. Working together closely with the Studio Maato team since 2019, I operate as an extension of the Studio Maato team keeping their best interest in mind to enhance the website user experience to increase online engagement in the long term.

Marketing efforts are objectively and proactively accessed and solution are implemented to overcome challenges, increase user engagement, and ultimately drive results and sales.

Client's Review

The conceptualization, the structure and content of the website has been tastefully brought out by Tripty. Most importantly the layout and the right tone of the colours that she uses for the pages are just amazing. We are very happy with our website. Even with very limited material provided to her she was very resourceful and was able to roll out wholesome pages giving viewers a pleasing experience. And her eye for detail and her creativity is commendable.

- Reena Rai